#1 Horror Book “IT”

Hi all book lovers. Welcome to the world of horror.
I decided to introduce you a horror book each night. I hope you enjoy reading them. Here is the first scary novel:



Well, here we are. Like the Losers Club, as much as we’d like to forget about Pennywise, we just can’t. Sparking a pretty logical (let’s face it) fear of clowns, IT is King’s terrifying, gruesome, trashy, cosmic, demonic horror masterpiece that we still can’t claw out of our minds so many years later.

Not only does IT, a shapeshifting evil entity, prey on your worst fears, he also lives in the sewers and eats little children. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that IT has stalked the town of Derry, Maine (where nothing good…you get the picture) for centuries, waking up every 27 years to murder and eat everything.

It’s up to the Losers, a group of childhood friends, to confront the monster not once, but TWICE in order to finally rid the town of the ancient, otherworldly evil. Watching Pennywise haunt their memories throughout the book quickly becomes a guilty pleasure. Are we bad people?

The true power of this masterful novel is in the all-encompassing evil nature of the villain that we can’t quite understand. It not only makes a group of kids desperately aware of their own mortality, but scars them for life in more ways than one. And for what purpose? We may never truly know.



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