The Duty of Love (part one)

This is my first story wriiten in Surreal genre. I put the first part here for you. Please comment and tell me what’s your opinion about the story. I would appreciate all the comments. If you just liked it tell me to put the second part.
(Unedited version)


The duty of love

“If I were the moon, I know where I would fall down”.

What people do when their dears’ soul are leaving this world?

Eveything became dark and dismal when I saw my dear one, the one whose my heart belonged to, had laid on the algid floor of a corridor. She gazed up and her face was waxy pale except for the sooty smudges forming beneath her hazel eyes. ‘I’m so hot,’ she said, and began to shivering. Her eyes stare up into my eyes.’ I’m so hot, Allan,
please give me ice.’

I felt scared, in fact I felt terrified. She was burning in severe fever. I squeezed her little hand. Her hand  was horribly hot that for a second I thought it would melt in my hand. The gray light above us had litten the spot we were. I looked around hastily in search of a Coke machine with ice cuber. At the end of the corrider my eyes focused on a glass suspending in the air. Luckily, the distance was not so long for a young man like me.

“Wait a second babylove, I’ll be here____”

A harsh, monotonous sound above us interupted my words.
Click! Darkness.

It took just five seconds for the light to come again. I stared at the gray light with one eye mid-closed. Then I looked down to my wife. My heart sank. If front of me, on the yellowish flooring I saw an old lady. Her hair was as gray as the light which was shining into her wrinkled, aged face. I tried to stifle shriek in my throat. I recognised her with the golden hairpin which I’d given to her in our first meeting below a yum-yum tree, where I asked her to marry me.
‘ Ice… ice Allan,’ her Adam’s Apple sliding in her skinny throat, lips dreadfully dry.
I saw picture of an old man in reflection of her eyes and immediately I found out that there is no need to guess who the old man is. My trembling, bony  hands told me the truth… .


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