#2 Horror Book “Pet Sematary”


Pet Sematary

But not as fun as King’s ridiculous novel about undead pets. A book that was definitely inspired by EC horror comics (King’s early brushes with horror were in the pages of those books), this novel might be classified as a delicious, campy romp with plenty of scares. The novel’s B-movie sensibility cannot be understated.

In Pet Sematary, a family moves to the small town of Ludlow, Maine, where people bury their dead pets in a special cemetery, which is actually an ancient Micmac Indian burial ground. Obviously, that means that these animals come back to life as evil shadows of themselves.

Oh, the setup is so perfect. When the family’s little two-year-old boy is suddenly killed by a speeding truck, the father decides to bury the boy in the pet cemetery in the hopes that he will be revived. What happens next is what the best campy horror is made of.




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