The Duty of Love (part two)


I stood up. The pain in my back made me to bow for a moment. I narrowed my eyes to see the glass at the end of the corridor. I waited and took a deep breath, looked back at my old lady over my shoulder, and took another breath. Cold breeze hurt my throat and the result was a loud cough. The sound echoed in the dark corridor.

With a heavy heart full of love, I stepped toward the darkness and the glass. After a few steps, I felt something shattered beneath my bare feet and then felt a sharp knife was penetrating the soft, wrinkled skin of my feet palms, tearing the meat and trying to reach  the bones. Blood splashed in all direction. I pressed my lips together so tightly and they almost disappeared. There were shattered glasses stretched out for some meters. But to me meters were equal to miles. I sighed and tried to step on areas which had become less infected by the shattered glasses.

I glanced at Selena who was resting and looking at the gray light above her head. The scene reminded me of black and white movies.

I found my way through that hell of splinters, my eyes fixed on at the end of corrider which the suspended glass was waiting for my weary hands.

This part of corridor had been covered with rather opaque fog. I stood to regain my energy back. Sweat ran up my cheek, forehead but it didn’t fell to the floor. Instead it went up and touched the ceilling. I watched it dazed, bewildered.

I shook my head and burst out a hysterical laugh. Gradually laughter changed into a moaning then crying.

You can’t do it Allan. CAN’T!

‘Shut up,’ I cried.

Sweat trickling up my skin and I could hear the drops tapping the ceiling.

Save yourself.

I continued my way into the fog. The wild breeze was frisking around my wounded ankles. There were tussocks and broken branches like croaked hands on the floor. Ivies were interlaced together tightly and had made the way almost impassable.

Before I could make any decision a branch screwed around my legs. Another claw like tussock tied around my waist. I didn’t show any resistance to them. I let them to hunt their hunt. A huge ivy tied around my neck like a giant Paton catiching an old beast and tried to chock me.

I ignored all these grotesque events and closed my eyes. Tried to remember the old days with Selena. I remembered the day we got married. She was sitting on a lawn chair and smiling at me. I was writting words on a beautiful postcard. She kneeled beside me. Her hairs fell down on her shoulder. I showed the postcard to her. The sentence was what?

A weak shattering sound made me to forget my memories. The ivy around my wait had done his job efficiently. It broke my ribs and ribs cut the inner organs. Blood was runing from the corner of my mouth. I could smell the blood on my beard. Something,liquid, like hot water was coming up inside my throat.

You should have save yourself. You stubborn ole boy.

I wanted to look back at my love but I could not move even an inch.
Now I could see the postcard in my mental eye. I’d written:

                                         19th November, 1994
                                          Selena and Allan
                                          Now we are two

I swallowed the hot blood down. It burns my tore stomach.
‘ No, I will not die here,’ I said hoarsely, ‘ this is my duty to help my love.’
Hope, rage flared up in me like a shot of coal oil on ember. With the all strength in my knees I stood. Pushing away ivies with my hands. Lungs trying to find a large amount of oxygen to refill themselves, though it was torturous.

I shouted and could feel the cords on my neck stood out. All this time, her face was in front of me, her vibrant, pleasant voice whirling in my ears. I jumped from a bunch of tussocks and my feet, I could not call them feet now, reached the cold pavement of the corridor. My clothes were soaked in blood.

The glass was in front of a mirror. I saw a hazy picture of mine. I grasped the glass with my right hand. The old an in the mirror did the same with his right hand. There was just one ice cube inside it. Enough for one of us. I saw another mirror inside the mirror. I zoomed to examine it. Then fear filled whole my body. I returned and looked the other end where Selena was rested. There was another mirror at the right corner of the corridor beside her. I turned back to the mirror in front of me, reached my pocket for a coin. I stepped back, and threw the coin to the mirror. Closing my eyes for hearing the  jingling sound. But instead, I heard the coin fell to the ground at the other end of corridor, beside my love.

Thanks for taking your time to read the story.


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