#4 Horror Book “Cujo”



Cujo is one of King’s more “realistic” novels, featuring a setup that’s real enough to send shivers down your spine, especially if you live in the suburbs or ever owned a Ford Pinto… The story goes like this: the Trentons move from New York to Castle Rock, Maine (where nothing good ever happens in the Kingverse). Vic and Donna Trenton, who are having some marital problems, have a four-year-old son named Tad, because children should always be in danger in these books.

Meanwhile, longtime residents Charity and Brett Chambers have a nice St. Bernard named Cujo that loves chasing wild rabbits in his spare time. During his latest safari, Cujo is bitten on the nose by a rabid bat. And, as you can probably imagine, all hell absolutely breaks loose.

The dog kills several people before feasting its eyes on the ultimate prey: a boy and his mother, who have stopped by the Chambers’ place in their little Ford Pinto. What follows are very tense moments of terror inside a little car, as a mom tries to protect her son from the rabid terror that awaits them outside.

King has said in interviews that he doesn’t really remember writing Cujo, as he worked on it at the peak of his struggle with drug addiction, but we wish he had. He wrote a fine horror book. Cruel ending and all.



12 thoughts on “#4 Horror Book “Cujo””

    1. I wish I could write a book I don’t remember and make millions. Just wake up at the press conference. Stephen King is gifted, no matter what. I love his books even though I’m not a horror fan. They’re a compelling read.

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