Keep calm & I’m turning 22!


You’ll be happier once you start living your life FOR YOU and you stop caring about what others have to say about you.

Another year passed

I’m not a talkative person but I want to make a wish for all the people around the world.

I wish a world without war. A world at peace…

Congrats to all girls & boys who turned 22 at this day.

And especial thanks to you, my followers & my visitors who helped me improving my blog.

Love you all:)


129 thoughts on “Keep calm & I’m turning 22!”

  1. Happy, happy belated birthday, Amir! Your birthday post impresses me. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of days. About the time I think I’ve seen it all, a very young adult says something, so apparently heartfelt that makes me think this world isn’t quite “done” yet. I don’t often feel extremely hopeful for mankind, but when I do – Bam! I can’t agree with you more, except that following your blog is entirely my pleasure.

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