Pen name!


Hi guys!

Today I saw a post and it gave me a good idea!

If you were an author, what would be your pen name? And if you prefer your real name explain the reason.

Love you beauties:)


84 thoughts on “Pen name!”

  1. I’ve thought of this before. I think that using initials is a good way to go, just like JK Rowling, EE Cummings, F. Scott Fitzgerald & many others. I would use
    J.L. Guerrero. I just think it looks better than Jennie Lee Guerrero. It may attract more attention :).

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    1. I actually use my initials as my pen name. I chose to do this for several reasons. 1. I think it looks and sounds better. Don’t know that it’s nwccessarily attracted more attention, but I prefer it over using my full name. 2. I wanted to separate my writing life from my teaching life. It works better for me.

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  2. I’d go for Sofia Numbers, but ONLY because until recently that’s been the Dutch term for Social Security Number (sofienummer), and because I am a sociologist and we work with numbers (so it’s a double pun).

    But now the secret’s out, I might as well stick to my own name. Try pronouncing ‘Spijkers’… Now there’s a name you won’t easily forget 😉 There’ll be whole discussions about how to say it correctly!

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  3. I think I’d go with my and it is because of a very silly reason! When I would show my published work to my friends and relatives and it will be my pen name I’m sure their first question would be -” Hey you wrote this? How will we know you really wrote it? Where is your name?” Pretty stupid but important to consider! 😀

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  4. At the moment I’m planning to publish with initials (JR Peacock). My first name is overly common (James/Jim) so isn’t a good marketing draw. I lucked out with my last name though. It’s a common word but isn’t often a name. There aren’t many Peacock authors out there to get confused with.

    If I had a difficult to spell or remember name I would likely use a pen name to make searches easier and marketing more effective.

    Another big factor would be your intended audience too. Dr Seuss sold way more children’s books than Theodore Geisel.

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  5. I think I would either have “The Novelist” or “Sierra Bravo” as my pen name. I am confused which one to select, but it definitely won’t be my real name.

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  6. I think it would depend on what Genre of book I was writing. Eifert is not the most common last name in North America, but it could be in Germany but I have never liked it on a book A.M. Eifert I guess if the book is not too steamy. A.M. Wilson if it is…

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  7. If I was an author, I’d probably use my real name. I want so badly to be an author so I would want to use my real name if I ever got the chance to do something so amazing. However, to be fun, I’ll come up with a pen name…

    Worley Rose

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      1. Yeah. It’s not that my real name is bad. My teacher thought it would be cool if my pen name was the first three letters of my last name along with the first three letters of my first name. It sounded weird though. I’d rather have my name as an author be my full name.

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  8. When the day comes that I become a published author I would like to use the name Reiko Chinen and the reason is to recognize my mother who gave me the Japanese name Reiko and her last name being Chinen,
    Julie Sheppard

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  9. I was going to use my own full name but it is so difficult I figured people would find it hard to find me. So I self-published a book with a pen name. I used my real first name and used a different surname – Aneta Quinn.
    I chose Quinn after Harley Quinn from Batman series (she’s Jokers side kick) and because I tend to write female characters that are a bit more quirky and witty…kind of just like Harley, but maybe not as insane haha

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  10. I had some pretty wild names when I was younger, but at this juncture I submit under Adrienne N. Brown. I explained to my husband that I’d use my maiden name. I might consider initials since A. N. Brown doesn’t sound too terrible either. If I did go with a pen name for some reason the moniker Ann Fernai sticks out. Probably because A. N. would spell “an/ann,” though I have no clue where the “Fernai” comes from. I like the way the name sounds/flows though 🙂

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  11. I have never thought about it! So no ideas for now however if I ever publish a book it would probably be a cookbook so best to stick with my real name. 🙂 (Although I did start writing a novel about 20 years ago. Now it’s hidden inside some ancient Mac Classic in the garage, lol!)

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  12. If I ever get published, a pen name is mandatory. I know too many people who would ask why the crap I wrote what I did and it would save so much trouble to go incognito. As far as a pen name, it would be a combination of a play on my own name or one I thought was cool as a kid. If not, then I’d just nab one of my favorite author(s)’s names…regardless of time period. Like thus:
    Willard Steinway (a play on my first name + Steinbeck and Hemingway).
    Another one…Garfield Bleary (favorite comic + Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary)
    This is fun.
    I’ll stop now.

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  13. I would go with the name Lucy as whenever I name my characters I name my Protagonist Lucy, reason: not many know, it is also my name. We all have one zodiac names called rashi name, My parents named me Lucy Ikr 😀

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  14. as others mentioned above, depends on the genre and audience. Northern Amethyst is a name I use for things of a ‘warmer nature’. Kae writes stuff in a more serious fictional tone. Kris is my basic name. My real name will be for anything else!

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  15. If I use a name, surely it is a pen name. Since I cannot remember my true name. Remembering it, I see my name is what I call myself. I call myself by what answers.

    Seriously though? Hmm… James Kennon I guess, a rather unoriginal recombination of my actual name.

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      1. It does! Astrid is related to “star” (My blog is called the Star Scrolls). I was always fond of the quote “Shoot for the moon and at least you’ll land among the stars.” And my thought was… if I go for broke (with my writing) … with the idea that no holds barred I COULD MAKE IT! I was a ‘star’ waiting to be born… than I had nothing to lose! Maybe it’s a long shot. Sure it is! But we all begin somewhere… and the truth is, hope is a feast we dine on that keeps our hearts alive 🙂

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  16. ‘Amateur’ it is … for me 🙂

    The name perfectly resonates with the fact that ‘there are miles to go before I sleep !’. It is a perfect reminder for me to develop and evolve consistently in the way I write..After all, stagnant style of writing will make my writing prosaic…..Whenever I feel I have written a supposedly ‘good’ piece, the moment I put my pen name at the end of the piece, it always dawns on me that I am still a novice – there is still room for improvement which eggs me on to write more ! 🙂

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  17. There is a post on my blog about the genesis of “Hokus Grey”. Oddly enough, I just ran across a piece in an earlier collection that was entitled “Hocus”, I have not decided whether or not to include it. Is a pen name necessary? No. I will be publishing all my hardcopy under my real name, but on line it seems the norm to use a handle that grabs the eye, or catches the mind.

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  18. I had a nick before I had a pen name, so that is the name I used when I decided to publish a book. I had not realized how much good thinking goes into an effective pen name. Thanks for this post – I enjoyed the responses, and there are quite a few excellent ideas!

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  19. As much as I would love to use my real name if I published, I think it would be mispronounced too often. I’d probably go with something that is my initials and surname. But because I also write erotica, that would probably be under a different name, a secret identity. I think it would be fun if anyone ever talked about it. 😉

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  20. My pen name would be one word only if I could get away with it. However, I have used various pen names specific to the genre and audience. An example of this is, say you are writing fun kids books, you may call yourself ‘Billy Jones’; blue collar audience, with ribald satire, you may call yourself something like Mick Blood. A name that is easily remembered, and appropriate to your target audience has proven successful for me thus far on my journey with the pen.

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  21. My publish name will be P.A. Corino; it is my first and middle initials and last name. I like that it is gender neutral so if someone has an aversion to reading a female author, they may take my initials as a man and if a female has an aversion to reading male authors, it also is appealing. My online name and personal nickname is Goofy Corino. 😛

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