How to get inspired


Worries, problems, fears and thoughts of strange things are constantly spinning around inside your head, and you just can’t seem to stop them.

Does this sound familiar? More often than not, when I can’t write, it is because I am blocking myself. I’ve got a schedule to abide by here, and sometimes I’m in a crunch. I need to write, but nothing comes out.

The best way to get my writing done is if I do it well before my post goes live. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and I need to have a few tricks up my sleeve of how I can dip my toes in my own secret pool of inspiration.

What you are about to read is one of those sleeve tricks that I use. It’s highly effective, it makes you feel at peace, and it even improves your health (no, I’m not talking about exercising).

Let’s start!

What you’re about to do is sit perfectly still and observe yourself. It is sometimes called meditation, but in this case, I like to call it idea generation.

This will help calm you down and give your ideas room to make themselves heard. What I want you to do is set an intention, or a goal if you wish.

For example, I used it today to write an article that I already knew the headline for. I knew the topic I wanted to cover. My intention was to clear my mind and get the content flowing.

I sat myself cross-legged on my couch. I took a few deep breaths to get started, and I started focusing on my breath going in and out.

You can also focus on your body. I personally like to vary between feeling my whole body and my breath. When I feel my whole body, I can literally feel the energy in my body come alive.

When you first start doing this, you will have a lot of thoughts coming in. Here are a few examples:

*This is ridiculous, why am I doing this again?

*Hey, what should I have for dinner?

*Did I remember to feed the dog?

*Oh no, I have to pay the bills on Friday.
My leg itches.

*This isn’t helping me at all. Ideas, hello?

When it happens, just observe them without getting attached. This will become easier and easier with time.

In the beginning, you may feel resistance, because if you’ve never done this, you probably have a few lingering emotions and tensions hanging out in your body. As soon as you put your awareness on them, they disappear.

As I did this for less than 10 minutes, I felt clear, at peace and inspired to write. I opened my eyes, picked up my external keyboard (I don’t like to write on laptops), and I started writing, while feeling my body and being anchored in the now.

I don’t worry about editing at this point. My focus is on getting the inspiration down on paper.

The 5-Step Process Summarized

1. Quietude. Find a place where you know you won’t be disturbed. This doesn’t work for me at all if I know that anyone can come into the room at any time, so make sure you find a place where you can relax.

2. Intention. Set your intention or goal. It could be anything. Brainstorming a topic, clearing something you’ve been stuck on, or even feeling out what steps you should take next in your life. This process is about tapping into your core.

3. Breathe. Once your intention is set, sit down in any way you like, and close your eyes. On a chair, cross-legged or lotus, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are comfortable. Start with a few deep breaths, and then put all of your focus on your breath.

4. Observe. When thoughts and feelings start arising, just observe and accept them as they are. You will get caught up in them from time to time. When that happens, bring your focus back to your breath and keep going.

5. Write. Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, you will feel a sense of calm and clarity. Open your eyes, keep breathing, and start writing. If nothing happens, I usually close my eyes and go back to breathing. You will know when you’ve done this enough, because you will feel a sense of calm, peace and joy.

Good luck;-)


51 thoughts on “How to get inspired”

  1. This helped me a lot! I often think about a story to write about and I don’t get anything!! Like nothing! I hope following this I can think of something in this noisy world! Thank you! 🙂

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  2. This is fantastic. But one time, I tried to meditate. I started by focusing on my breath. Then I realised I had to be the one to inhale and exhale lest I get suffocated. It seemed as I focused on my breath breathing became an involuntary activity. I had to take away my attention from my breathing before everything went back to normal.

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  3. Dear Amir, I love your style!

    Thank you for this very peaceful, helpful supportive post. Perfect timing for me.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do it right, but you sure make it sound simple, easy and practical (even though all the craziness).

    I will keep working on it! 😉


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      1. Thank you for bearing with all my “ads”. I am planning to try to be a real writer (like you all). Desperately working on …” makin it” at all at the moment …like everyone else.

        I hope you have a beautifully wonderful day…as well as all to come.

        Ttyl. Peace.

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  4. Randomly, I really wonder/I’m amazed by how you can find time to write something like this. You post often, you have your direction and you are writing really good and useful stuff.
    I bet that you know that you’re good and I don’t really need to tell you that because it’s obvious, but yeah, I love your posts because they are useful and easy to read, also entertaining 🙂 Have a nice eve

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  5. you lost me at sitting cross legged. I went back and read it over, these are GREAT ideas. (cept the ‘criss cross applesauce’–American kindergarten phrase. this old gal can barely sit on her knees!) Thank you for your thoughts.

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      1. tried to find a ‘contact’ to send you a link to my more personal blog, but alas—you are uncontactable. (I made that word up, writers can do that)

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  6. I absolutely loved reading this as well as the others. Have a look at my page as well, would love to hear your views. Cheers! 🙂


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