What does your dreamy writing place look like?

As a fan of scary books and an enthusiast horror writer, I like my dreamy writing place to be this way:


I like writing in a small room with a window which opens to a dark, foggy forest with broken trees and dark green tussocks. I want the room to be on the second floor of an old, wooden hug. I prefer the window to be open when I’m writing or reading under the gray, dim light. Also like the cold wind gusts through the window, papers and my hairs. The bookshelf must be in front of my bed, beside the writing desk.
And finally the most important part, an IR (interested reader). What’s an IR person? It can be anyone, your best friend, a member of your family or your husband/wife. A person who reads your manuscripts and criticizes your writing. A person whose critics come from deep in his/her heart and they are important and constructive for you. This loved person for me is my future lovely wife who stands beside me through days and nights, honest and true. But is there any girl who be brave enough to live in such horrible place with a mad writer like me?!!

I’m not sure:)

NOW WHAT’S YOUR DREAMY WIRING PLACE? Can’t wait to read about yours!



126 thoughts on “What does your dreamy writing place look like?”

  1. My dream writing place? An airy apartement somewhere in the South of France (I won’t state which Departement) where they don’t speak much English and I can avoid my fellow countrymen (or at least those who don’t speak French). The weather will be glorious, the wine abundant, where, with vistas over the rooftops towards the sea, I can hear the cicadas, as I write I can sip my vin, eat my pain, fromage et charcuterie

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  2. Haha,the place is already giving me goosebumps.Yikes.That reminds me need to update my goosebumps book collection. But its a good place to sparkle up horrific imagination. It looks like a haunted house in the movies,something might just come up from the woods.Hmmm,my ideal place would be a day in the coast preferably at the Kenyan coast.Where my room will open up to a beautiful, spectacular view of the Indian ocean and the palm trees.

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