For my fellow writers


With more than 100 emoji, Ginger’s Android custom keyboard lets you express yourself perfectly. Choose between 1000+ beautiful emoji, emoji art, stickers and animated GIFs.

Adaptive word prediction makes your Android keyboard better. Contextually detect and correct mistakes instantly with this exciting Android keyboard app.

With as you write proofreading, our Android keyboard app has you covered. It’s the only free English keyboard that corrects your grammar, spelling and punctuation quickly and efficiently.

Make the most out of idle time! Play a quick game of Snake, Squash (Pong-like), Copter or 2048 and catch up on the headlines from leading news.

Tap into Ginger Page for comprehensive writing tools that harness the power of Ginger’s unique writing software. No other Android writing app compares.

Automatically access a wide selection of free, ready-made themes. With over 100 options, Ginger’s is among the best Android keyboard apps.

Download our keyboard for Android and easily upgrade your Android keyboard experience in an instant. Easily write with our accurate next-word predictions or use Stream, our smart Swipe-like typing feature to write faster.

Instantly transform your Samsung Galaxy keyboard or other Droid keyboard to Ginger’s keyboard. Enjoy support for over 60 languages.

Ginger Page

Allow Ginger to empower your mobile communication. Get Ginger for your Android phone today: It’s so much more than just another Android keyboard app.

Ginger’s unique Android writing app features advanced proofreading that automatically corrects grammar and spelling mistakes.

Download this writing app for Android and communicate better, whether for business or fun. Express yourself with ease using our unique rephrasing tool which rephrases your text to add style and clarity to your message.

Use Ginger translation on your Android keyboard writing app to communicate in over 65 languages. Send thoughtful script – even to people who speak a different language.

Ginger’s powerful grammar and spell checker enhances one of the best Android keyboard apps ever created. Our Android writing app, the world’s #1 proofreader, and contextual synonyms combined enhance communication.

Automatically access even complicated definitions. Ginger’s Android writing app enhances your vocabulary so that you’re never at a loss for words.

Transforming text to spoken words has never been easier. Utilize the reader feature to easily listen to the text you write on your Android keyboard.

No other Android keyboard and writing app combines as many useful features as Ginger’s does. Save text to favorites for instant access anytime.

Download our writing app for Android and get Ginger’s Phrase of the Day. Use this feature to express yourself in new, exciting ways.

Enjoy it;)



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