Write Dazzling Dialogue


There is one sure-fire way of improving your novel fast. . .

You may know the fundamentals of how to write fiction. You may be more than competent in plot, structure and characters. But if your dialogue is dull it will drag the whole story down.

On the other hand, if your dialogue is crisp and full of tension it immediately grabs the reader. And if that reader is an agent or editor, sharp dialogue will give them instant assurance that you know what you’re doing as a writer.
Writing a bestseller or hot screenplay is no easy task, but dazzling dialogue is an absolute essential if you want to get there.

The best part is, the skills of the dialogue craft are easy to understand and put into practice. #1 bestselling writing coach James Scott Bell has put together and expanded upon the dialogue lectures from his popular writing seminars. In How to Write Dazzling Dialogue you’ll learn:

What fictional dialogue is … and isn’t

The 11 secrets of crafting memorable dialogue

The 5 essential tasks of dialogue

5 ways to improve your dialogue ear

4 can’t-miss methods to increase conflict and tension in any dialogue exchange

The top 10 dialogue issues, and how to resolve them

You’ll also see dazzling dialogue in action with examples from hit novels and screenplays.

Don’t sabotage your chances of selling your work to readers or publishers because the dialogue is unexceptional. Dazzle them with what the characters say. How to Write Dazzling Dialogue will give you the tools to do it.


28 thoughts on “Write Dazzling Dialogue”

  1. Nice post, never heard of this book. Will definitely check it out.

    Amir, I was wondered if you would be interesting in doing a guest post on my writers blog? I’m having a few mid-week posts featuring other writers as guest bloggers.

    It could be about a specific topic or it could even be a set of questions like an interview. If you are interested, do let me know and I can discuss more details with you.

    Totally fine if you are not interested, but I thought I would ask. Thanks,Ari

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      1. Brilliant. You can either choose a topic that you would like to write about, I have no word count length. It can be about the genre you write, about your personal writing experiences or about a writing process. Or I have a set of questions I can email you that you can answer in a kind of interview post.

        The deadline would be the 8th May if that’s okay so I can get it set up for publishing on my blog on the following Tuesday.

        Do include any links to your website/blog/social media that you would like to share

        Also, if you have a photo I could include – it can be of yourself, or a banner, a book cover, whatever you want to represent yourself. Or none if you prefer.

        If you could email it to me at arimeghlen@gmail.com that would be great. Let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate you giving your time for this.


      2. Hi. Hope everything is going well ☺
        I guess the interview would be a good choice for me. Do you have my email?
        And if possible, ask simple questions. I’m a young non-native writer😉


  2. Hey man! You’re a wonderful writer! It’d be nice if you had an About page that was easily accessible though. It’s good to let others know who you are. 🙂

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  3. I love dialogue and so I was naturally drawn to screenwriting…novel writing followed later. While screenwriting taught me a lot about dialogue, I have to say that my greatest teaching came from listening in on conversations around me. Thanks Amir for visiting and following my blog.

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  4. I need to add that book to my must read list :).

    I haven’t branched out far away enough from my blog to attempt dialogue, but one day I hope to make it happen.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    – All the best

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