Extra words for “said”


Missed you all!


43 thoughts on “Extra words for “said””

  1. Hi Amir,
    your blog is beautiful and there is a lot can be learnt here, both from the subjects / quotes you keep posting as well as your typography and graphics. Makes me want to spend indefinte more amounts of time on my own blog and on browsing ones such as yours.
    Love your background image at the top, too.
    Are you an illustrator as well as a writer?
    Thanks for liking my ‘Little vignettes of Horror’, I never know what other people see, because I see more in my sketches than anyone else could, natural, I suppose. Makes me all the happier if someone appreciates the rough stuff.
    Have a great day!
    Or a horror-laden one, if that’s what you prefer.
    ta-ra for now!

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      1. Her perfect heels and nylon stockings, the seams impeccably aligned, teasing at the hem of her skirt. She strolled down the sidewalk confidently, her hair suggesting the slightest breeze… I could do that! Signed, Eleanor RIgby Roo-sevelt πŸ˜€

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