10 Common Nightmares

1.Falling from Great Heights

This kind of nightmare has happened to people whose anxiety is linked (or believed to be) to the feeling that they are not in command of their own life or even themselves. This can be caused by the person’s work, intimate relationships, money, etc. After all, the feeling of rapidly falling from height towards a certain death clearly represents the lack of freedom and/or power.


2.Injuries or Malformation

Anyone seen Vanilla Sky? Dreams that you have an accident or you simply wake up with a horrible scar or deformities are quite common in patients. This case tends to represent the feeling of weakness or powerlessness in a person’s life. The dream is urging them to build on self-esteem and trust themselves in a way.


3.Natural Catastrophes

People usually find themselves trying to run away from a sudden tsunami, an enormous tornado or a volcano that has just erupted. These, again, are generally understood in the scientific community as revealing a feeling of anxiety and fear. Meteorological events are highly unpredictable and we find ourselves impotent and insignificant in front of the enormous powers of nature.


4.Being Trapped

These nightmares are particularly common in people suffering from claustrophobia—the fear (sometimes extreme) of being locked up in a small area without the possibility of escaping. However, they can also be experienced by people, fearing their inability to break away from their current bad situations like annoying relationship or dead end job. People that are going through a difficult financial situation are also prone to have these nightmares.


5.Teeth Dropping

This might not be so frequent, yet some people describe it as a profoundly anxious experience filled with a tremendous anguish. In the dream, the person starts feeling their teeth dropping suddenly from their mouth or generally surrounded by other people. This nightmare has been linked to profoundly personal worries about other people’s judgments on his physical appearance.


6.Being Naked

This is a common childhood dream we may have experienced. We may also remember how deeply stressful the experience was. You may dream about trying to hide without the possibility and other people laughing at you. Psychologists argue these dreams are a symptom of an inner fear of what other people might believe or say about us, particularly about our physical appearance, although the fact of being naked can also be perfectly seen as an allegory.


7.Seeing the Dead People

Many people have dreamt about seeing dead people. Most of the times patients dream they see people who they are familiar with and are now dead rather than the dead people they have never met. This can be seen as a representation of our fear of the unknown. If you see close people you have lost, like your grandmother, the nightmare is probably a projection of your inability to let that person go.


8.Missing Important Events

Ever dreamt about waking up (what an irony, isn’t it?) and realizing you have missed a very important date? It’s quite a common dream, too. Some people even dream they have missed their own wedding. These dreams represent the fears and anxieties that arise due to outside pressure and expectation on us. We may be excellent and perform great always, but these dreams often warn us that maybe we are anxious and negative inside.


9.Partner Leaving

These might be one of the worst nightmares we can experience, and also work as an alarm mechanism, keeping us attentive and precautious. These dreams represent one of the deeper human fears: the feeling of abandonment. After all, isn’t it the worst thing that could happen to a person? That fear remains in a person since childhood, latent yet very powerful. They can also arise because of insecurities, the feeling we are not good enough for our partner.


10.Being Attacked

This is the most common nightmare of all. Many of us find ourselves being chased off by people with
guns or knives, dangerous animals, etc. This kind of dreams generally indicates that you have a difficulty in confronting something in your daily lives, or you may even want to run away from it. The strategy you choose to escape can also be significant, this is, whether you are running away or rather decide to hide in fear.


Now what’s your own nightmare? Tell me in comment section

Source: http://www.enkivillage.com/nightmare-meanings.html

115 thoughts on “10 Common Nightmares”

  1. I’m not sure what you meant by my own nightmare, so I’ll answer two different ways!
    My biggest ‘nightmare’ is spiders. I’m terrified of spiders. I am the poster child for arachnophobia. I can’t handle pictures or movies or anything with spiders, CGI or real. I freak out. I will scream if I’m not prepared. Once, I even threw my laptop. I used to have a lot of actual nightmares about spiders – but I haven’t in a while (I probably will now, though). To be fair, I was bitten by both a red-back and a wolf spider (the wolf spider in my bed while I was asleep). I have very, very good reasons to be beyond terrified. I honestly don’t think it’s a phobia I can ever get over – if someone even mentions the word spider and I’m not prepared it can cause me to jump (if you’re not Australian, Google the spiders. You’ll understand why someone would be afraid after both of those!).

    The nightmare I have the most is probably being attacked. I have that nightmare pretty regularly (although I’ve had all the ones you mentioned in this list at some point or another! I think my most terrifying one is losing my teeth. I can’t handle it at all – which is strange, you’d think being attacked would be more scary!). I do have a common nightmare that you didn’t mention – I sometimes dream that I’m driving and I can’t stop the car in time. The traffic light changes and the breaks don’t work or I can’t stop or my car won’t slow down fast enough. It’s really weird, but it’s strangely common for me!

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      1. Ha ha ha you can type it, but if you say it, I’ll jump because I’ll assume there’s a spider near me! Which is totally irrational, but self-preservation, people. 😉

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      1. Oh man! I don’t know! Depends on how much bigger you are than me. I’d have to act accordingly. I think I can throw a pretty good punch and I have really strong hands/good grip. Choke you maybe? 😀 That sounds awful!

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  2. How very timely. Night before last I dreamed my house was surrounded by Bears and I was checking all the doors and windows to see if they were locked. I woke, and thought ah, it’s just a dream and went back to sleep. Great post Amir.


  3. I feel like the odd man out, when the only one of these I’ve had – that I remember, anyway – is the teeth one… Which I’ve had dozens of times over the years.

    Instead, I get a pair of repeating dreams that I’ve had for going on thirty years; parts I and II of the same story. Part I involves going to this cabin in the woods sort of place, looking for something. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll know when I find it. Something malicious, supernatural, and somehow my “fault.” I find it in the laundry room, or so the dream seems to indicate, because that’s the end of Part I, where I wake up screaming (or worse.)

    If I manage to get back to sleep after that, the dream will just repeat itself again, with no details that I can recall changing. The second night, we move to Part II, which fast forwards to me bolting out of the house, the whatever-it-is (I never actually see it) after me. I try to drive away, but loose control of the car, crash, flip the car, and burn to death in the wreckage. Wake screaming. Or worse. And again, if I manage to go back to sleep, the whole thing starts over again.

    Not fun, I tell ya. I’d rather dream about falling or being naked in public. :/

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  4. # 1 ( common… I even hear a thud ) falling #5 Teeth dropping ( among Filipinos, it’s a sign someone will die # 6 being naked ( just once, mind you ) # 9 Being attacked ( by monster, zombies, vampires )

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  5. What an informative post! Definitely some food for thought when I wake up tomorrow morning! I think my most common one would be being attacked by something… Freaky dreams when I was younger

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  6. Huh. These are considered ‘common’ nightmares? I’m actually quite surprised by many of these. The obvious ones of falling and being naked in public are ones you hear about all the time, but I can’t say I’ve heard of ‘teeth falling out’ before. Then again, I can’t say I’ve personally had any of these common nightmares outside of falling and I haven’t had that one in quite some time. If the description is true, then perhaps I’m in a good place in life. Here’s hoping! :p Neat post!

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  7. For decades what dreams I could remember usually involved my children in peril. In vivid, technicolr and 3D, they were absolute nightmares. In counseling I learned children represent ourselves, concerns, fears about our lives. II could handle the things I dreamt happening to me, but seeing them happen to my kids was torment. It drove me to deal with my fears. No more dreams.

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  8. Interesting, I’ve had all these nightmares but many of them with different perspectives.
    For instance, sometimes I dream that I stab an unknown man on the back, with no hesitation or regret whatsoever, but not with the intention of killing him, only to gain time to run away from him.
    I’ve had the naked dream too, although I don’t feel ashamed for it because people around me don’t seem to care about it, even if I’m in a crowded public space. However, I do get really anxious and embarrassed in dreams where I’m dressed but barefoot and my feet are dirty, and in those cases people do stare at them with disgust.
    I sometimes dream with dead friends or relatives. They’re usually alive in my dreams, doing things they used to do before they died. I don’t feel scared or sad but deep down I know is a dream and that they’re just a projection. I do get scared though when I dream that I die and become a ghost that no one can see.
    Usually when I dream about natural catastrophes I don’t try to run away from it, I wait for it. I feel the urge of knowing how does it look inside an electric storm, a tornado or a tsunami. For the record, I always wake up before being struck.
    As for dreaming of being trapped, is usually not in confined spaces, but in loops, infinite stairs or tiny islands.
    Common nightmares that I have not shown in the list include drowning, being lost and alone in mysterious towns, impossible architecture or urbanism and pilgrimage to unknown lands.

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  9. Your stuff does not seem to be coming through to me. I’ll check it out.
    An interesting post. My nightmares are all about the wild-life being slaughtered and trees chopped down!


  10. Oh wow I really love this one. I also love your illustrations. I was thinking that when my Pa passed away and my daughter was so sick she dreamt that my Pa was sitting on the edge of her bed. She said it felt so real that when she opened her eyes she felt he was still there. Dreams are very powerful and sometimes can be premonitions. I once dreamt something about my mom and later it came true. I know someone that interrupters dreams and they told me what the dream meant and about 2 years later it happened. Odd thing…this person later suddenly died of a heart attack and they were heavy on my mind just that week. Wonderful post. Very thought provoking! Well done! 🙂


  11. Heyy nice blog amir i just check out your account and loved it specially quick tips for writers its v helful an I an new…and i actully have few dreams of the above eg.: the tooth one and falling from stare case..😑 being followed by someone trust me that’s a real nightmare.. Anyway pls do check out my blog
    Thank you😋

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