Name: Amirhosein

Last name: Ghazi

Live with my family in Tehran, Iran

Age: 24… Getting old gradually πŸ™‚

Hobby: Reading and writing books, watching and playing football

English Literature student

Pets: All animals, especially cats

Favorite fiction genres: Horror, Mystery and Thriller

Favorite authors: Stephen King, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allen Poe, and of course, JK Rowling

Horror enthusiast writer and avid reader

Goals in life: Trying to write like natives, finishing my first novel, win Bram Stoker’s Award and Pulitzer Award

Love people on WP☺


17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Amir! I came here to check you out too.
    Well, nice to know that you are from Iran. Perhaps you would understand my journey of introspection about the “Forty rules of love” by Rumi’s teacher, Shams.

    And maybe you can tell us all more about yourself too. And yeah, I know that you just turned 22.

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