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1- Arohii

Go to sleep, as he laid his head in her lap
Ouch! He hit the floor and she was nowhere.


The results of the U.S presidential election are in. Donald Trump has won.


He opened the door, and there was the tax man. Ready to take him to jail.

4-Just words

She screamed, as her laptop lost Internet connection. Her netflix program disconnected.

5-Nuttella Bae

She wakes up with something wet trickling down her neck. She reaches back to touch it, and her hand comes away covered with blood.


As moonbeams appear silently, a man howls. Whether he’s the hunter or hunted remains to be seen…


As she looked in the mirror, she didn’t see herself as she always did. Instead, she saw her insides; her bones, the blood traveling without, and her heart…it wasn’t beating.

8-Fun Simplicity

Her glass of orange juice suddenly became bloody red. She turned and saw a pair of hands trying to force its way out of her television.


Me and two friends were walking side-by-side along a sidewalk on a clear, sunny day, listening to our friend tell a story, when suddenly a bright flash of light and boom startled us. Instantaneously, that friend was three feet in front of us carrying on the conversation alone as we watched him walk away, not even aware he’d been transported in a flash. (True story)


The sounds of branches cracking echoed through the night as she wondered around the thick congested woods in a fearful panic! Then there was a loud thump, followed by horrific screams ending in dead silence!


Running scared from them, I fell in a ditch, the darkness engulfing me in cold comfort. I waited silently when suddenly, an icy gust of wind clutched my soul and left a whisper “I love you, I’ll always be with you”.


My mother’s smiling lips brushed my cheek, kissing me goodnight. It was just like the kiss she gave me moments before her death eight years earlier.


He finally reaches to the peak of the mountain , as he gets closer to the cave he realizes that the color of the air is becoming red , he steps into the cave , he finds his own body ,motionless, waiting for his soul to join him…


After having, in rage, bludgeoned Janie with a hammer until she’d finally staggered and fallen, he had then dragged her sticky, unmoving form to the woods, and was now grimly patting down the rocky soil that covered her in the grave he had dug with the shovel. Reaching for his phone to check the time, he found his pocket empty, and stood as still as death as he heard the eerie beep-beep-beep of a cell being dialed, the sound rising up from below the cold stony ground at his feet.

15-Another Hijabi

Awoken by the screams of my baby brother, It never came to thought that one day Id awake and the people I’m surrounded by each an everyday aren’t who they really are .A hit back through life and all their clear differences answered . But the question is who are they? Darkness prevailed, left with only one answer “its too late.!”


The darkness came. Then he was born.


From the bus stop she walks gayly towards her place of work, soaking in the early morning sunshine. Suddenly, the building ahead sunk half way into the earth and immediately her vision sheath by deep darkness.

18-Kat Myrman

After Susan said she forgave him for the affair, Tom took a lusty swig of wine. Raising her glass to him from across the table, her sinister smile was the last thing he saw as he contorted in agony, collapsing to the floor.


Her clawed hands ran over her face and body as she touched the textures of fur, sinew, and teeth. Sensitive hearing caught the echoes of humans hiking near by and she salivated, while razor sharp fangs and her muscled wolf body prepared to gorge on throats.


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