Who can help?

Hi everybody!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day:-)

I’ve found a link for a book, but I’m not able to download the PDF file, because I can’t complete the offers from my country. I really need the book.
Is there any good friend who can visit the link and download it for me? Then send it to my email?

Here is the link: http://tinhyeutoi.org/full-eats-shoots-leaves-the-zero-tolerance-approach-to-punctuation-pdf/


My mail: amirghazi10@gmail.com


33 thoughts on “Who can help?”

  1. Hello my friend ! i just read your article. I live in France. I tried to download the book for you but it seems it can’t be downloaded from my country either. It just says it’s not available in my region. Very sorry for you. I don’t understand why not working ? I hope that you wiil find an help with others friends ! Good luck !

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