Writing is NOT so painful! 


58 thoughts on “Writing is NOT so painful! ”

  1. there’s an equivalent could be made on the subject of drawing – very open and positive approach
    – reblogging this on blaustift.wordpress.com this instance

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      1. my childhood aspiration was to become a writer, as there was so much disappointment and pain in drawing when the imagination and words seemed to evoke images with comparative ease.
        Things have become more complicated since. Writing has become harder, I find, drawing a little easier, maybe.
        There is, however, so much joy in creating something and knowing you are joining together pieces you have consciously and – more often than not – unconsciously absorbed by exposing yourself to the expression of kindred thought and feeling. Through art and literature and science.
        that is why I like your posts, because you look behind the ordinary it seems, are not content with condensing everything down to acronyms when language is such a beautiful paintbrush of diversity.
        you are doing well, keep us on our toes, no harm in stretching yourself a little and be – in a totally unsnobbish way – in favour of an ever expanding vocabulary and take on life. Playful, inclusive and curious.

        I still feel a little half-baked in anything I do, in the demi monde between the necessary and the artistic?!
        – which seems to be quite a normal place to be for creative people.
        I suppose, this is my long-winded and complicated way of saying that I am an illustrator
        although that description of self makes me cringe almost as much as proclaiming myself to be an artist.
        Visual Communication is my bread and butter. Or bread, mainly.
        How about yourself?

        As you made me remember an anecdote from school days: here’s your last post reblogged with my little tale at the bottom
        Hope you enjoy it!
        Take care and catch you later

        PS: Do you see more clearly with one eye shut?

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  2. Very useful thoughts. To be a writer, you just need to keep writing and not to worry too much about the results. That right break is just around the corner.

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