38 thoughts on “Vital words to know+phrasal verbs”

  1. These are really fabulous and perfect for visual learners. My background is in ESL teaching and I often use visuals in my lessons. I have long entertained the idea to come up with hand-sketched infografics (much like these ones, which I LOVE!) to present the different parts of grammar. Phrasal verbs, in particular can be really tricky for second language learners.

    Have you checked out The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown? It is a really interesting look at addressing the visual learner to unlock understanding of ideas and complex information. Thanks so much for your thoughtful posts.


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  2. A writer would have to be crazy not to get it, and take something away from this piece, which makes us keep our minds focused on how to make our writing better and come away with a new perspective we can keep. (Did I do it? Did I use every one?) But seriously, a terrific article and filled with useful information. Nice job. πŸ™‚

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